For class April 22

State Lotteries Trash The Poor

QUESTIONS: Gambling/Games of Chance
1. Do you ever gamble?
2. Have you ever lost or won a large amount of money playing a game of chance?
3. Do you know anyone who has ever played a game of chance?
4. Do you know anyone with a gambling problem? If so, how has this affected both them and the people around them?
5. Why do chronic gamblers continue to play; even though they lose large amounts of money?
6. Does gambling, both public and private, suck money out of the economy?
7. What social ills are associated with gambling?
8. What social benefits are associated with government run lotteries?
9. Although casinos create jobs, they have been criticized for not producing wealth or anything of value. Do you agree with this statement?
10. List as many reasons as you can for why people gamble; for example psychological, spiritual, physical, and financial.
11. Is gambling just a harmless form of entertainment or something more sinister?
12. What types of people in your country gamble at casinos, play the lottery, like to bet on sporting events, horse racing, etc.?
13. The national lottery has been referred to as both a ‘’thrill tax’’ and a ‘’sucker tax’’ in the media. Why do you think this is so?
14. Since poor people play the national lottery more than the affluent, they lose much more. Is this a good way to reduce poverty; or do you have a better idea?
15. Share any stories you have heard or read about big winners in a lottery.
16. Are the stock market and the commodities markets also games of chance? If so, how can you improve the odds of winning?