The hood of night pulled ‘cross my eyes,
Does cloud the day in dark disguise,
And screens events within my lids,
Of images the day forbids.

Bent back against affliction’s crush,
O’er plaintive twisting falls a hush.
As trodden worm, I turn to lumber,
And fall from grace into a slumber,

If mercy come and I awoken,
A quickened spirit, bright, unbroken,
T’was from my eyes removed the potion,
By tender fondling of devotion.

So ringed by those who went before,
I stop to gaze at them once more,
Embedded pearls in weave of night,
The pinpoint limned shafts of light.

But, now I leave this earthly cluster,
All human things have lost their luster.
Released from darkness I do free,
The breath of life that dwelled in me.
J.T. Rodolico


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