For class May 20th

Murdered for her Organs

Excellent questions about organ transplantation.
1) What ethical issues are associated with organ transplantation?
2) What fears arise concerning the sale and trafficking of body parts?
3) Which bodily organs are damaged by alcohol, smoking, drugs?
4) Should people who have damaged their organs though substance abuse (See Question 2) be given priority for a transplant over poorer people just because they have money?
5) Are there people who should not donate organs?
6) Should body parts be made available to anyone with money?
7) Should commercial enterprises seek out people who they think are most likely to donate body parts and organs, usually because they need cash?
8) Is it ethical that doctors give priority to certain kinds of patients needing a transplant because of age, income, title, relationships or celebrity status?
9) Is it your wish to donate your organs after death? Why, or why not?
10) Would you ever consider selling one of your organs while you are still alive? If so, which one and under what circumstances?
11) Do you know anyone who has pledged his/her organs for donation after death?
12) Do you believe, as some do, that people should be buried whole?
13) To your knowledge, which organs are transplanted the most?
14) When is a person really dead: when the heart ceases to function; the brain; when someone can no longer recover from a coma?
15) Situation: You own real estate valued at one million USD, and suffer from liver failure. Would you sell your property to pay for a liver transplant or forgo surgery and give the inheritance to immediate family members?
16) Under what circumstances would you allow doctors to take organs from a loved one?
17) Situation: An ambulance brings in a homeless person, who has been struck dead by a car, to the hospital emergency room. The victim has no identification. Do doctors have the right to take organs from the deceased in the name of science?
18) Do dead people have rights?
19) If you needed a transplant desperately, would you accept an organ from a source that you suspected obtained it illegally?
20) In some countries organs are farmed, that is, obtained from prisoners who have died of natural causes or were executed. What do you think of this practice?
21) Does the state own the dead bodies of prisoners?
22) Discuss your ideas and possible fears about xenotransplantation (transferring the cells of one species to another, i.e., pigs to humans)


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