For class May 27

Sweden: not such a utopia

1. What is equality among humans?
2. Can humans ever be truly equal? Why or why not?
3. What is the difference between ‘envy’ and ‘jealousy’?
4. What are some essential differences between socialism and capitalism?
5. What is social justice?
6. What is economic justice?
7. Does economic justice mean we all receive the same salary and drive the same make of car, etc.?
8. A political commentator once said, ‘The word ‘social’ cancels out the noun it modifies.” So ‘social responsibility’ would mean that no one in particular is responsible. What is your view of this?
9. List some ways in which people can never be equal.
10. Have you ever hated anyone because of his/her success?
11. Have you ever felt inferior to others because they have something you do not?
12. What is your idea of a ‘utopia’ i.e., the perfect society?


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