For class June 3rd

 The dying dollar

Discussion Questions.
1) You ask a friend to repay a debt. Instead of paying you in money, (s)he wants to pay you in kilograms. What should your first question be?
2) Rulers measure distance; scales measure weight; thermometers measure temperature; so, what does money measure?
3) The values of rulers, scales and thermometers never change. Why does the value of money?
4) A hammer costs USD $10 at one time, then the same hammer in the same store costs $15, ten years later. Which describes the difference in price better: the price of the hammer went up, or the value of the dollar went down?
5) “Money is only worth what it buys.” Do you agree or disagree?
6) Karl Marx said, “(Democracy) will only survive until its citizens discover they can vote themselves money from the treasury; then they will bankrupt it.” What do you think of this statement?
7) A saying goes, ‘The central bank can only print money. It can’t print jobs.’ What does this suggest about the role of government in society?
8) What is wealth? What is the best method of acquiring it?
9) “Money is debt.” Explain how this is so.


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