How Easy is it to Bribe You? A Self-Evaluation Questionnaire

Questionnaire: How Easy Is It To Bribe You?
Teacher or student. Answer these questions and score yourself at the end.

1. As a teacher, I would give out grades based on being…
a) concerned with my own personal feelings.
b) somewhat objective.
c) mostly objective.
d) totally objective.

2. If a student offered me a gift before a test, a box of chocolates for example, I would…
a) refuse to accept it.
b) accept it and thank the student.
c) accept it and hope for more.
d) accept it and eat it all myself.

3. If a student gave me a more expensive gift, I would feel…
a) obligated to do something in return.
b) delighted to receive anything free.
c) flattered and appreciated.
d) uncomfortable at accepting anything.

4.In my class, giving me a nice gift would most likely result in…
a) the same grade.
b) a higher grade.
c) a guaranteed passing grade, even if undeserved.
d) a high passing grade, even if undeserved.

5. If a good student asked for a letter of recommendation I would…
a) give the letter only if I received a gift, especially money.
b) make the student wait a long time in the hope of receiving something.
c) write it after a small delay hoping the student would reward me.
d) write it without hesitation.

6. If a weak student had connections (a relationship) with someone important, I would …
a) base the final grade solely on the student’s merits.
b) consider the relationship carefully before assigning a grade.
c) most likely give a passing grade.
d) definitely give a passing grade.

7. It is my belief that, in school, money bribes may be accepted…
a) if everyone else does it.
b) if the amount is large enough, at least several months salary.
c) only if the receiver really needs the money.
d) under no circumstances.

8. Have you ever had the opportunity to offer a bribe of money to anyone?
a) Never. b) Several times. c) Sometimes. d) Many times.

9. Which of the statements below expresses your view of corruption?
a) There is nothing wrong with it as long as both parties get what they want.
b) It is forgivable as long as no one is hurt.
c) It is forgivable as long as the person receiving the bribe really needs money.
d) It is unforgivable.

10. Which of the statements below best expresses your view of corruption in education?
a) It builds an immoral society based on lies and deception.
b) It teaches students an important lesson about the “real world”.
c) It is a good source of extra income for teachers.
d) It gives all students a chance for success.

11. Bribe-taking in my line of work…
a) happens frequently, but few are ever caught.
b) sometimes happens.
c) rarely happens.
d) never happens.

12. What is the cultural attitude in your society towards gift-giving in business and government?
a) Gift-giving is uncommon.
b) It is considered wrong, but tolerated.
c) It is wrong, but lots of people do it.
d) It is a well-established practice.

Scoring for questions 1,3,5,7,9,11
Scoring for questions 2,4,6,8,10,12

Here is what your score means:
31-36. It is your destiny to be on TV in handcuffs being led away into jail by the police. You had better start looking for a good lawyer – now!

25-30. Uh-oh! You are extremely easy to bribe. You might even make excuses for what you do. You have “Bribe me,” written all over your face.

19-24. You are definitely bribable. Stick to what your conscience tells you is the right thing to do, and learn to play by the rules.

13-18. Nobody’s perfect! You have your principles, but need to resist tempting offers from people that may bring trouble. Others see you as an easy touch.

7-12. Be on your guard. You are basically honest. But, that “nice person” with a “small gift” may be looking for more out of you than friendship.

0-6. Congratulations! It is very difficult, if not impossible to bribe you. You appear to be dedicated to your work, and concerned with fair play.

Excerpt from my book “English For Business Studies.” Bookman Books Ltd. 2012″


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