For class June 17th

Boys Will Be Boys—ELEVEN-years-women.html

Gender questions

  1. In your own estimation, are you a typical man or woman in your country? If yes, how do you determine this?
  2. As a man or woman, what are your responsibilities to your family?
  3. What bad habits are tolerated for men, but not for women?
  4. What do men seem to be better at than women?
  5. What are women better at than men?
  6. Is there anything a man can do that a woman cannot do?
  7. Does gender denote intelligence?
  8. If roles were switched, would your mother make a good father and your father make a good mother?
  9. Who talks more, men or women? Why is this so?
  10. Can a man and a woman have a Platonic relationship and not a sexual one?
  11. What professions are dominated by men in your country? By women?
  12. What does the expression “It’s a man’s world, “ mean?
  13. Is a man who cries looked down upon as a sissy?
  14. Is a man who backs down from a fight considered a wimp?
  15. If you saw two women fighting, would you try to break it up or just watch? Why or why not?
  16. What does society think of a woman who uses profanity?
  17. Who are the famous women athletes in your country?
  18. What would the world be like if there were only one sex and people could reproduce themselves without the help of another person?
  19. How about a world in which babies were grown in machines and neither sex was responsible for reproduction (see last question)?
  20. Would it ever be possible to create a society in which homosexuals have all the power? If so, how could this come about?

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