For class June 24th

Murder Most Foul


Capital Punishment

  1. Is killing someone always wrong? If not, why not?
  2. What forms of capital punishment have been used in the past?
  3. How are murderers dealt with in your country?
  4. Is capital punishment cruel or inhuman, or a just punishment for murder?
  5. Would you like to see capital punishment abolished? Why, or why not?
  6. In your opinion, does the death penalty save lives, i.e., discourage murderers or has no real impact on the murder rate?
  7. Murder has been described as the only crime that can be paid back exactly. Do you agree?
  8. How do you distinguish between a Mafia hit man and a serial killer?
  9. Should person’s with a low IQ be spared the death penalty while person’s with a higher IQ are not?
  10. What is done with murders that are judged insane in your country?
  11. What other factors do judges consider before pronouncing sentence on the accused?
  12. Is the murder of a pregnant woman a double murder?
  13. “Year and a day rule.” Is the accused still guilty of murder if the victim lives more than a year and a day? If not, how long?
  14. Have you ever thought about killing someone?
  15. Is saying, “I’ll kill you” during an argument a serious cause for concern?
  16. What would someone have to do to make you want to kill that person?
  17. Have you ever known (been acquainted with) anyone who was murdered? If so, what happened?
  18. Should people be put to death, if they kill someone …
  19. in an accident at work?
  20. in the course of a robbery?
  21. while driving sober?
  22. while driving drunk?
  23. while playing a sport?
  24. as part of a terrorist plot?
  25. by selling an untested medicine?
  26. with poison by accident?
  27. by leaving a child at home alone (fire, accident, poisoning, etc.)?
  28. who has raped them?
  29. who has molested a child?
  30. during a kidnapping?


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