For class July 1st

Dog Gone


Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think of the government’s action in this case?
  2. Is animal abuse a serious problem in your country? If yes, give examples.
  3. Why do humans like to keep pets?
  4. Do you think people love their dogs or cats too much?
  5. Can you illustrate your opinion for Question 4 with stories?
  6. What name would you give to a dog? A cat? A bird? A monkey? Other pet?
  7. Can you remember any weird or strange names people have given their pets?
  8. Are pets a good substitute for children?
  9. 9.     Why do some people prefer to raise pets rather than have children?
  10. 10.  Should all animals be allowed to run free?
  11. 11.  Is keeping animals in zoos cruel, inhumane treatment?
  12. 12.  Should all dogs and cats have a microchip inserted in them with the animal’s medical information and owner’s name and address? Is yes, why?
  13. 13.  If your dog or cat were dying of an incurable disease, would you 1) nurse it at home until it died 2) bring it to the veterinarian to be destroyed 3) abandon it in the wild to its fate?
  14. 14.  Dogs are being bred smaller and smaller in Asia; some dogs can fit into a teacup. What do you think of this practice?
  15. 15.  Should animals that serve as house pets be slaughtered for food?
  16. 16.  Are there any animal ‘heroes’ in the myths or folk legends of your culture?
  17. 17.  Have you ever rescued a homeless or abused pet? If so, what did you do?
  18. 18.  Are there places in your city that take care of abandoned or abused pets?
  19. 19.  What are the most disgusting pets?
  20. 20.  What animals are eaten in your country that people in other countries might find disgusting?
  21. 21.  What animals that are eaten in other countries do you find disgusting?

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