Class 9/2

When Guns Alone Don’t Kill


What are your views on gun ownership?

Do guns kill people or do people kill people?

Why is gun ownership so controversial in the USA, but not other countries?

Do big cities breed violence and crime more than suburbs?

Are immigrants more likely to commit violent crime than other citizens?

In a democracy, power is supposed to lie with the people. So, why do we trust government with weapons, but not ordinary citizens who elect these leaders?

In your opinion, could most people in your country be trusted with a firearm?

Should women, who fear rape, be allowed to own firearms?



Brothels: Shriveling Clientele (Excerpts only)


Why does a person become a hooker? Money? Lack of self-esteem? Excitement?

Is it right to sell sex?

What are your views on legal prostitution?

Is prostitution just another harmless service or something harmful to society?

If your country had brothels, which government agency would regulate them?

Should the government set the rates for various sex acts?

Do hookers pay taxes? If not, how could they be audited?

What is the difference between a mistress and a prostitute?

 What percentage of the adult population in your country could you tolerate working in the sex trade?

Do you know of any famous hookers in the history of your culture?

What does a sexual fetish tell you about the person who has it? (Sexual fetishism: sexual fixation with objects, body parts, or situations not conventionally viewed as being sexual in nature.) -Wikipedia

How do you think sexual fetishes develop?

Which sexual fetish is the most bizarre?