For class 9/23

‘Ground’ in Psychology


  • If you drink coffee, what kind of drinker are you?
  • What beverages do you like to drink with a meal?
  • Do you drink coffee or tea every day? If so, how much?
  • Do you see any differences in the personalities of coffee or tea drinkers?
  • What do you know about the history of coffee, tea and chocolate?
  • What health benefits are associated with tea? Coffee? Chocolate?
  • Discuss the article with reference to people you know?


Fed Up Yemenis


  • At what age may people marry legally in your country?
  • Now that young people ‘mature’ earlier, should the legal age for marriage continue to be the same?
  • What kind of man/woman would want to marry a child?
  • Why do parents allow their children to marry at such a young age in Yemen?


French ‘Galled’ At Last


  • Are kids sexualized in your country?
  • What kinds of people are sexually attracted to children?
  • What is a pedophile?
  • If a pedophile wanted to emigrate or visit your country, what should the government do?
  • Give examples of clothing, jewelry or behavior that might be considered sexual among children.
  • Are sexualized children in any danger?
  • What can we do to stop the sexualizing of children?


Not Maid For Dishonor


  • How well are foreign laborers protected in your country?


Cyber Strip Search


  • Is this new technology an invasion of privacy?
  • How could this technology be abused?
  • Will hackers find a way to beat the system someday? If so, what could they do?


Mobile Mayhem


  • Have you or anyone you know been injured using a cell phone? If yes, tell what happened.

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