For class 9/30

Forever Young


  • Share your reaction to this news
  • If adolescence extends to 25 years, how could this effect peoples’ voting rights, military service, right to enter into a legal contract, marriage rights, driving age, drinking age, parents obligation to support their children?


Lost Youth in Asia


  • What obstacles must people in your country face when trying to raise children?
  • Do you see any irony in this report: humans work hard to prosper, but in the end work against themselves?
  • What are some disadvantages in spending your life making money?
  • Does the world need the poor?
  • Can we live in a society in which everyone is rich?
  • Is religion essential for keeping a society together?
  • As the population greys, which industries do better and which do worse?
  • Suggest some solutions to these problems or measures to be taken.


One Bad ‘Apple’ Spoils The Bunch


 Does this article prove that anything can be hacked into?


Zero for Conduct


  • What do you think of the professor’s excuse?
  • Have their been any similar cases in your country?
  • How could a school enforce its policy that students must wear undergarments?
  • Role play. Scene: a principal’s office. Characters: student and principal. The student was caught looking up the teacher’s dress.  This is not the first time. The principal asks for an explanation and the student must answer. The principal must decide on disciplinary action.


The Male Animal and Female Prey


  • Do you have any friends, classmates or coworkers who fit these types?
  • To what type of man/ woman, are you attracted?
  • Which of the above types do you think apply to you? To classmates?
  • Can you name any celebrities who fit these types?
  • Do you believe in astrological signs? Blood types?


The Brain Made Me Do It


  • Is mental illness a legitimate defense for crime?

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