Class 10/14

Gulf States: Homeland Scrutiny

  • How would the authorities be able to perform a test for homosexuality at the airport?
  • How can airport officials choose who to test and who not to test?
  • If a person “looked” gay would this be cause for testing?
  •  In the countries mentioned in the article, do you think it is a crime to look gay?
  • Have you ever heard of gaydar: a combination of gay and radar?
  • Does your country bar homosexuals?
  • What kinds of travellers are barred from entering your country?
  • If, when you enter a country, you are healthy, but later contract a serious disease requiring long-term treatment from a citizen of that country, is that grounds for deportation?
  • What is propaganda?
  • Are we exposed to propaganda on a daily basis? Is so, what kinds?
  • Recently Vladimir Putin declared his government will not tolerate ‘homosexual propaganda”. Share your thoughts on this topic.
  • Is Asia becoming increasingly ‘anti-gay’?
  • What are some arguments in favor of homosexuality? Against it?
  • What have homosexuals been treated as criminals throughout history?
  • What is the source of human rights: the government, the public opinion, God?

Complete these sentences…

If the government is the source of human rights, then….

If public opinion is the source of human rights, then….

If God is the source of human rights, then….


 Short-lived Liberation–scientists-dont-know-why.html

  • Are women in your country overworked and undervalued?
  • Opinion: What factors tend to raise the female mortality rate?
  • Is modern society asking women to do too many jobs (home and family) at the same time?


 Can’t Handle It? Let’s be honest.

  • What is the difference between a civil union and marriage?
  • For what reasons should one person be allowed to divorce another?
  • What are not good reasons for divorce?


 ‘Dial M For Murder’


 ‘Piece’ At Last


 Booting Up Bullies

  • Were you bullied as a child?
  • Are you bullied at work?
  • Do bosses bully workers?
  • Do parents bully children?
  • Do political parties bully each other?
  • Have you ever bullied anyone?
  • Why do people bully others?
  • What can teachers do to stop bullying?

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