Class 11/4

‘Apple Pickers’

  • Do you have a smart phone? If so, what kind?
  • Is your phone good enough? Do you want an upgrade?
  • How much is a smart phone in your country?
  • If you had a smart phone, would you want a kill switch like the one mentioned?
  • Do use your cell phone while walking on the street?
  • Do thieves target cell phones in your country?
  • If you had a smart phone, how would you protect it?


The Parable of Tananga

(In class)

  • What is the point of this story?
  • Do people in your country work themselves to death?
  • At what age would you want to retire? Why?
  • Imagine that you are 65 years old. What is your idea of retirement?
  • How much money do people in your country need for a comfortable retirement?


Be Nosy Questions Questions 1-25


Nothing Funny About Rape


Miracle Drugs vs. Superbugs


Things Not For Sale

  • Are you aware of any other stories similar to this?
  • If the girl in this story were of legal age, would you allow her to sell herself?
  • Would you allow your own son or daughter to sell their ‘first time’?
  • If you were ‘pure’, or if you ARE pure, would you consider selling your virginity?
  • Is there a social stigma associated with virginity?
  • Why are some people so keen on having sex with a virgin?

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