For class 12/2

A Slap in the Face

  • Share your reaction to this case.
  • Who is more responsible for the injury the 18-year-old or the 16-year-old?
  • If people voluntarily engage in “rough-house” activities and someone gets hurt, has a crime been committed?
  • What are your views on contact sports?
  • If someone is injured while engaging in S and M, whose fault is it?
  • Have you ever heard of a face-slapping fetish?
  • Why do you think some people enjoy being slapped; enjoy pain?

Lovebirds of a Feather

  • How does your society view transgender couples?
  • Do you know of any transgender couples in your country?
  • Will your country ever allow them to marry?
  • Why do some men want to be women and visa versa?
  • Role play parent and child. Your son says, “I want to be a woman.” Your daughter says, “I want to be a man.”

The ‘Grand’ Plan

How do you feel when you experience or see photos of great natural wonders on earth or in space?

Is the creation proof of God?

Comment of the ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Do humans have a purpose to communicate, to appreciate the creation, to acquire knowledge; to praise God; or do we have no purpose at all.

Is knowledge the end of man?


Sexual Regrets


Aids Not Leaving Soon

Say True or False for each item below.

Aids can be transmitted by sexual contact, hugging, childbirth, pregnancy, holding hands,,coughing, toilet seats, breast feeding, sneezing, injecting drugs, occupational exposure (especially hospitals), sitting near someone who has it blood transfusion, organ transplant, mosquitos, bugs,


You are single. How do you go about screening a potential mate for Aids or any other STD?


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