For Class March 3rd

Not Fare

Up To Specks

A New Wrinkle

Internet Addiction Quiz

See Better In The Dark

Unseen, But Not Unnoticed


For Class Feb. 24

(Comprehension questions supplied in class)

Walking Heads


Spanking Switch In Policy;_ylt=AwrBJR9EugNToU0AHWnQtDMD


Tuition: Home Fee


Fetal Attraction


High Time to See a Therapist

5 Sure Signs It’s Time to See a Therapist

For Class 2-17-2014

(Comprehension questions supplied in class)

Man Turns Pet Into “Hot Dog”


Light-Fingered Tutor Gets Lesson


“Woody” Busted With Dangerous Weapon


Clogged Memory


Signs of Genius. Part 1.

Are You A Genius? Read These Signs And Find Out


Now, Voyeur!