For class July 15th

Thailand: New Tourist Rules



  • Why is Thailand so attractive to tourists?
  • Do you like Thai food?
  • How is Thai food different from Chinese food?
  • What are your impressions of Thai people?
  • Do you know anything about Thai culture or art?
  • What kind of government does Thailand have?
  • Have you ever been to Thailand? If so, please describe your experiences there.
  • Why do you think Bangkok is the most visited city in the world in 2013?
  • What do you think of the Thai government’s action in this case?
  • Would you like to see this done in your country, i.e., require all foreigners to have health insurance, or purchase it through airline tickets or visas?
  • Is it fair that the people should pay the medical expenses of foreigners who fall ill in their country, or arrive very sick?
  • If someone arrived in your country with an incurable disease, what should the government do about it?
  • Do nations have a moral obligation to take care of any sick people who arrive in their country?

Role play: a very sick visitor arrives in your country without health insurance; discourage him/her from staying.


Adulthood Secrets


How Doctors Want to Die


  • Would you like to have a peaceful death? If so, how would you want it to be done?
  • Which of the procedures in the picture above would you allow to be done to you, and which would you forbid, if you were dying?
  • If you had six months to live, what would you do with your life?
  • If you were going to die, would you want to hear the truth or hear lies about how you are going to get better soon?
  • Is telling someone he/she is not going to die when in fact the opposite is true a white lie or some other kind of lie?
  • What views do members of your society hold on suicide, medically assisted suicide and mercy killing?
  • Would you rather members of your family asked someone to put an end to your life, if you could only live in a vegetative state?


The Dragon Coughs


Same Sex, Same Jail



  • In homosexuals relationships couples like to role play male and female partners? Why?
  • Is gay marriage an issue in your country? If so, who is in favor of it and who is against it?
  • Is homosexuality a natural condition or a curable disease?
  • What are your views on gay marriage?
  • Is there a legal alternative to gay marriage such as a civil contract?
  • If government provides financial assistant to couples who are gay, how can we guard against cheaters who pretend to be gay so they can get money?


High Rising Rents



  • Why are rents so high or low in your city?
  • What are the most expensive and least expensive rents in your city?
  • Where to people live, if they cannot afford high rents?
  • What is your mayor/president doing about the problem of high rents?